Hotel guest rooms wastepaper bins Made in Italy, also with your logo

Shophotelservice offers a wide selection of hotel bins that provide a practical and hardworking solution to guest waste. 

In this section, you'll find our Hotel wastepaper bins for guest rooms. 

Our wastebaskets for guest rooms are neat and unobtrusive and are designed to be easy for housekeeping to clean.

Our wastebaskets are available in different materials:

  • Solid plastic wastebaskets
  • Aluminium wastebaskets
  • Metallic wastebaskets
  • Brushed-stainless steel wastebaskets
  • Ignition-resistant wastebaskets
  • Faux leather covered wastebaskets

Our products may be personalized with your logo.

Also check out our selections of hotel bins with pedal in the bathroom section or our professional trash bins in the RESTAURANT section. 

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