Shophotelservice Cosmetic lines and courtesy and hospitality accessories

Shophotelservice offers a wide selection of cosmetic lines and collections for hotels and guesthouses.

You can choose among our wide variety of sustainable solutions dedicated to the pleasure and well-being of your guests.

These collections feature SPA grade formulations making them suitable for all.

Natural extracts, No parabens, Cruelty-free, VeganOK, Biodegradable, Made with natural ingredients, sustainable practices, and MADE IN ITALY.

  • Oliver collection with olive oil extracts,
  • RELAX collection with chamomille and wheat germ proteins,
  • Meet2scent collection enriched with bergamot and cinnamon,
  • TEA collection,
  • EVERGREEN collection based on the famous Bach Flowers Rescue Remedy by Doctor Bach,
  • and all IDEA's collections

have original and exclusive fragrances combined with precious natural extracts to give these natural cosmetics products beneficial and tonic effects on hair, skin, soul and spirit.

Refreshing sensations and vibrant colours are at the heart of KEEP CARE line, NUMBERS line, THINK collection, and BLU collection. With their aromatic and invigorating fragrances and colourful and modern designs, these hotel collections are perfect for revitalizing weary travellers.

If you need a more classic courtesy and hospitality collection with standard cosmetics and a white range of courtesy accessories such as sewing kits, shoe kits, shower caps, shaving kits, dental kits and other essentials, you can check out our luxury collection PLATINERO, the evergreen and elegant OKIKO collection or our budget collection EASY.

These collections are simple, elegant and feature a wide variety of sundry items and accessories all nicely wrapped in simple and elegant packaging.

For international shipping outside Italy, please contact us for a quote. 


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Beard set with razor and shaving cream for hotels and B&Bs...