Selection of hotel size soap bars for hotels, B&B, Guesthouse, Countryhouse, Agritourism, Wellness Centers and Holiday Homes.

Our selection includes a wide range of soap bars for hotels and B&Bs, with different weights, packaging, fragrances and shapes to match the courtesy lines of our catalogue.

Our assortment contains vegetable paste soaps with neutral slightly fruity fragrances of the most classic lines (OKIKO, EASY, BLU, KEEP CARE, PLATINERO, THINK) or hotel soaps enriched with fragrances and natural extracts such as olive oil (OLIVER ), bergamot and cinnamon (MEET2SCENT), green tea (TEA), BACH flowers (EVERGREEN) and many others.

All the soaps can be combined with the courtesy lines, consisting of shampoo, bubble bath, body lotion, oral hygiene sets, cosmetic kits and shaving kit.

All products can be customized.

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