The courtesy line for hotels with mountain pine essence

Pino Mugo courtesy line is an especially high-quality formula with natural mountain pine oil. This essential oil, consisting of 4-10% of bornyl acetate, gives the pines their characteristic scent. The refreshing, stimulating fragrance provides an invigorating sensation for the body.

Main features

  • The mountain pine is a conifer with many properties used for health, beauty, and even in the kitchen. Excellent for stimulating baths and appreciated for its good and characteristic purifying scent.
  • The buds and sprouts of mountain pine are widely used in herbal medicine and natural cosmetics due to the high concentration of aromatic and spicy oils found inside.
  • For their anti-inflammatory, these oils can be used for inhalations to free the bronchi and lungs.
  • It's known as one of the Bach flowers in their Rescue Remedy therapy. Mountain pine oil is often added to formulas with almond or olive to obtain a fragrant and beneficial emulsion able to relieve contractures, sprains, muscle fatigue, and bruises, rheumatism.
  • Due to its pleasant aroma, the essence of mountain pine is also used in various formulations and home fragrances.

Relaxing and pleasant like a breath of fresh forest scent, the Pino Mugo courtesy line, is ideal for restoring yourself after a stressful day and finding the right balance between mind and body.

Discover this MADE IN ITALY line with excellent quality characteristics!



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