Plastic-Free or Recycled Plastic Products

For a sustainable choice aimed at environmental conservation

Explore our category of eco-friendly hotel products, dedicated to a conscious choice oriented towards environmental preservation. Our selection offers plastic-free or recycled plastic products, promoting a sustainable lifestyle that respects the ecosystem.

Within this section, you will find a diverse range of single-use plastic-free solutions, ideal for hotels and vacation homes committed to reducing environmental impact. Our offering includes:

Press-Wash 500ml Bottle: made with 50% recycled plastic, an eco-friendly option for your bathroom. Squiz 300ml Bottle: with 50% recycled plastic, a sustainable alternative for storing your products. To-Kio 300ml Bottle: made with 100% recycled plastic, a fully eco-compatible choice. 5L Can: ideal for refilling your favorite products, contributing to waste reduction. Paper Products: a range of sustainable and biodegradable items. Cornstarch Products: compostable solutions for responsible waste management. Solid Shampoo: a packaging-free option, perfect for reducing plastic use.

And much more... Each product is designed to provide an ecological alternative without compromising quality. Choose sustainability with our products and contribute to preserving our planet for future generations

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