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Allow Your Guests to Moisturize Their Skin After a Shower by Placing Body Lotions in Your Hotel Rooms

Shophotelservice offers a wide variety of fresh, clean scent, and mosturizing hand and body lotion which are a convenient and thoughtful addition to any resort, B&B, hotel, or motel room.

Prepare a warm welcome for travel-weary guests by offering them a body lotion that's specially crafted for comfort.

All our body lotions have Gentle and Moisturizing Formulas.

You can check out our special olive oil-based OLIVER body lotion, RELAX collection with its delicate lotion with wheat germ extract or many other enticing fragrances such as  GREEN TEA, BACH FLOWERS, CINNAMON.

Travelling can be exhausting and hard on the body, and a good lotion is a great way to help guests wind down and repair their skin after a long, exciting day.

Our lotions are Conveniently Packed in 20, 30, 40ml bottles with different designs that can blend in with bathroom decor to not disrupt the overall aesthetic.

Pair our body lotion with other products from our collection of hotel bathroom amenities and toiletries, and offer your guests a complete bath amenity set to enhance their overnight experience.

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