In-Room Supplies for hotels and guesthouse

Shophotelservice offers a wide range of in-room supplies specific for hotels and guesthouses.

It’s often the little things and small details that help create a good stay for your guests and that can make all the difference. That’s why we offer a comprehensive selection of quality appliances and equipment that stand up to rigorous use specific for hotels rooms such as:


  • in-room disposable cups (individually wrapped for extra hygiene)
  • hangers (either in plastic or wood), our hangers are sturdy and comes with open or closed hooks
  • hotel room safes
  • hotel guest room wastebaskets
  • ironing supplies
  • in-room refrigerators
  • hotel luggage racks
  • welcome trays for coffee or tea
  • hotel room notepad and notepad holders
  • hotel room door hanger and other accesories


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