Premium Spa and hotel Slippers for all Occasions

We offer plush and ultra-soft terry cloth slippers. Made with plush padding and brushed terry, these premium hotel slippers feel heavenly soft with every step. The standard colour is white, but you can find extra colours (black, grey and dove grey) with our STEPHY COLLECTION.

Perfect for the hotel, spa, or relaxing at home, these ultra-luxe spa slippers add the finishing touches to your super comfy loungewear ensemble. Our selection of terry cloth, honeycomb cotton, waffle and microfibre hotel slippers are perfect for keeping your feet warm and cosy when you’re lounging and relaxing. The material of the slippers is breathable and absorbent, making them a favourite choice for hotels, spas, and beauty clinics. 

Our slippers come in a wide selection of sole and material for every needs and budget.

Unisex Non-woven fabric Slippers

If you look for a disposable and cheap slipper for hotels and SPA you can opt for our non-woven fabric slipper WENDY. Non-woven fabric slippers are resistant and light. You get to choose between closed-toe options for extra coverage and warmth, open toe styles.

All our slippers feature a skid-free sole that gives you secure footing.

New green models 100% plant origin

If you look for a more sustainable solution while keep offering comfort and hygiene to your guest, you can choose our new model MARY completely made with vegan material of plant origin. 

All our products are individually wrapped and can be customized.

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