For cosmetic products: Wet wipes, Soaps, Shower gel, Shampoo, Toothpaste, Shaving cream.

Production, Packaging and Marketing: according to law L. 713/86.

Production and Packaging Workshop: structure in compliance with the law and in compliance with the sanitary parameters as provided for by Ministerial Decree 328/87. - Production plants: automated and certified for cosmetic use.

Labeling: in accordance with the law (Article 8 of Law 713/86 and subsequent amendments).

Product Compliance and Safety: Documentation and Safety Assessment in accordance with the law as provided for in art. 10 ter of Law 713/86 and subsequent amendments

Adaptation to Cosmetic Regulation 1223/09 with implementation of GMP provisions (Uni 22716) and preparation of the PIF (product Information File) (complete with CPSR, Cosmetic Product Safety Report, CPSA, Cosmetic Product Safety Assessment).